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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shopping Leads to Returning

Today I am making a confession to you all. I am pathetic when it comes to making returns. Why you ask? I abhor the whole process (almost as much as I detest going to the grocery store, but that's a topic for another post. Hmmm...maybe next week). I'm usually shopping in a rush.

Or if I have time, I hate the whole dressing room thing. I know someone in security is watching me as I try on clothes. I can see it all now. I grab a pair of jeans off the hanger. The security people elbow each other and say, "Oh, jeez, she can't think for one minute that she's gonna fit in those!" A small wager occurs between the two employees. As I step into the legs, the security peeps lean closer to their monitors. I slide the denim up over my hips. I imagine breaths are being held by the security team, anxiously waiting to see what transpires. I manage to button and zip the pants. Ha! Take that you doubting Thomas's (that just sprang to mind - I have no idea what the hell it means). Like a model, I turn from one side to the next to take a look.

Unfortunately, it's not a pretty sight. I turn an ear towards the ceiling. I think I hear the two idiots guffawing. Someone slaps their knee in hilarity. Money is exchanged. Now I'm ticked. As I yank off the offending jeans, a hot flash comes on. Sweat pours off me in buckets and I glance again at the ceiling - this time to make sure the sprinklers haven't gone off.

After repeating the above process more times than my brain can handle, my new MO is to take things home to try on. There in the privacy of my bedroom, with only my cat (Griffey) to observe, I try things on. Some are yesses and they get hung in my closet. Some are maybes that get shoved somewhere. And some are definite nos and go back in the bag.

What's the problem, you ask? I'll go months and months and months without returning the merchandise. Oh, I shop at the store in between those times, I just leave the returns at home. I'm able to do this because the store has a generous return policy.

Just the other day, I spent an hour (at least) gathering up returns and matching the receipts. I hauled the big bag to the customer service desk and dragged everything out. When all was said and done, I'm embarrassed to say my credit amount was almost $300! I have pledged to be better at this. I'll keep you updated...

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And maybe next Tuesday I'll talk about my love/hate relationship (okay, it's actually a hate/hate relationship) with grocery shopping.