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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Leave Home Without It

A few weekends ago, two of my writing buddies were having a discussion after one had critiqued the other's work. Their conversation involved how many knives a knife block could hold, with one person stating that she'd never seen one that could hold more than 6 knives. Sticking my nose in Getting involved in the conversation, I pointed out that my knife block holds 15 knives and wished it was bigger to hold the overflow knives I had in my drawer.

As the conversation continued about how many knives one person really needs, I took the debate up a notch by admitting that I take some of my knives on vacation. While one person nodded in agreement like that made all the sense in the world, the other person looked at me like I had inadvertently used one of my knives to impair my brain function. To my defense, I said that we usually rented condos with full kitchens. I enjoy cooking and it's a lot cheaper than eating out every night. And ever since a bad experience with a dull serrated knife, I had the bright idea to bring a few knives with me.

After all, I explained, it's not like I'm walking through the lobby of a Marriott with my butcher knife clutched in my hand. (I swear I've never thought about doing that. Maybe.)

So here's my confession - I take some of my knives on vacation with me. Okay and maybe one small cutting board. But that's all. Except for my perfect saute pain. Oh, and a few spices.

Now my curiosity is peaked. How about you? What are your must-haves when packing for vacation?

Stop by for Fork It Up Fridays to see what recipe I'm sharing next. I don't even know yet!


Constance Phillips said...

When we camped, I had a full supply of utensiles in the motorhomes. Pretty well stocked, it seemed like I became the go-to preson for anything anyone in the campground might have forgotten. But, it never really occoured to me to take kitchen utensils when we travel without the motorhome.

Makes sense, thought.

Unknown said...

Constance: I learned my lesson one vacation where I had a dull knife and a textured plastic cutting board. My family would run from the room when I started slicing and dicing!

Thanks for stopping by!

Karen Baldwin said...

Ha! Well, besides my creams which take up a small suitcase...I HAVE to have my protein bars. I get so frantic thinking I'm going to get hungry and won't find a store or restaurant. You'd think I was going to trek through Siberia. I usually never eat even half of them and I bring them home usually melted or crumbly. One time when I went through customs in Mexico, they asked if I was a salesperson with all my "Samples."

Unknown said...

Em: Love that they thought you were a salesperson. Too funny! Thanks for commenting.

Jennifer Shirk said...

I'm really picky about my hair dryer. Even if a condo or hotel says it has one, I bring my own!

Unknown said...

Jennifer: Oh, I do that too. Hmmm...no wonder I have so many bags!

Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

Kristina Knight said...

flip-flops. Even if we're going somewhere sunny and cold. Because a trip just isn't a trip without a pretty pair of flippers!