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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Read Romance?

On a recent trip to visit my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, I spent many hours in the car traveling south. While my husband drove and my son and his college buddy listened to music in the backseat, I spent my time reading a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel (one of my favorite authors), checking out a few "how to" writing books, and judging a contest. My son's friend asked if I read a particular male romance writer. "No," I said. "Somebody always dies at the end."
"But he's really popular. His books have been made into movies."
"Don't care. For me, I want that happily ever after."
So my son's friend asked the big question. "Why do you want to read something where you already know the ending?"
I looked at him like he was a romance idiot. "I don't know the ending," I said in defense.
"Sure you do. You already know the whole story. Guy and chick hook up. Happily ever after," he stated. "What's the point in reading the story if you know what's going to happen?"
Well that got me to thinking (argh, he was right). But only to a point. Okay, maybe I knew there would be a HEA, but I certainly didn't know how they would get there. So I began to list all the things I loved about reading a well-written romance: how the h/h meet, falling head over heels in love, discovering that total adoration for each other, how they struggle to overcome obstacles, and finding happiness together. While I travel with them on their journey, I get to escape. Lose myself in the story and take a break from my responsibilities.
The response I got from my son's friend? "Huh," he said, with a nod of his head!
How about you? What part of reading a good romance do you enjoy?

Please stop by again on Friday where I'll share a yummy recipe.

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